Traditionally made brown sugar is ready to serve on your table. The raw materials come from taken care tree which is origin from our regional, then processed traditionally without added chemicals. The finished product will have an original taste that no other product will have. Processing traditionally with selected raw materials makes our products have characteristics and advantages.

Organic Coconut Sugar Powder

Organic Coconut Sugar Powder comes entirely from organic coconut tree, which is taken from the sap of the coconut tree and then processed into powder. Coconut sugar powder can be used as a flavor enhancer and as a sweetener for health drinks and other food.

Specification :

  • Moisture  : 2%
  • Mesh : 14-16-18 Mesh
  • Flavor Characteristic  : Sweet Taste
  • Shelf Life : 2 Year

Organic Coconut Sugar Block

Organic coconut sugar blocks are made by boiling the collected sap until it thickens with organic coconut oil. After thickening, it is casted into mold according to the request. Most of its use is by melting it so that it is easy to mix with other dishes and preparations.


Easy to melt making it good for shipping using reefer containers. Even if it melts, the quality of this sugar will not decrease.

Specification :

  • Moisture  : 8%
  • Flavor Characteristic  : Sweet Taste
  • Shelf Life : 1 Year


USDA Organic

EU Organic